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Beginner Lacrosse Program

The Never-Too-Early is a lacrosse beginner program for boy and girl from Kindergarten - 2nd graders design to teach the basics of lacrosse through fun and games. The group will scrimmage at the end of the program at the Aspen Shootout held at Crown Mtn park in El Jebel.

Dates: Each Saturday from April 8th -  May 12th

Time: 9 am - 10 am

Location: Iselin Turf at Aspen Rec Center, or Aspen High School Turf

Cost: $150 and include Shooting shirt and shorts

Gear Required: Players are required to have a helmet (lacrosse, or hockey), Gloves (lacrosse specific), and stick. 

Boys Equipment Recommendations 

Lacrosse Unlimited - Gear Site - Click here

Full Starter Packages at Lacrosse Unlimited ($175) - Click here

Recommended Beginner Stick - Warrior Evo Warp Next ($99) 

Lacrosse Gloves - recommended size 6" or 8"

Cascade CS Youth Helmet - ($110) Adjustable - lasts 3+ year

Girl's Equipment Recommendations 

Lacrosse Stick and goggles

Lacrosse Unlimited - Gear Site - Click here

Full Starter Package ($79.99) - Click here

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